28 Places to Visit Before You’re 28

Next Thursday, I turn 28 on the 28th. I was born on a Thursday in May 1992 in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Since then, I’ve travelled a bit.

When I was 16 or 17, I made a personal goal to visit more countries than my age. My country count still exceeds my age, but I can’t wait to travel internationally again (when it’s safe to do so).

These aren’t necessarily my favourite places; however, I can personally vouch for amazing, unique, wild and inspirational experiences at each location—especially if you have a curious mind and an open heart—no matter your age.

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Here are 28 places to visit before you’re 28 (or whenever you can):

1. Berlin, Germany

2. Prague, Czech Republic

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

4. Galway, Ireland

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

6. Seoul, South Korea

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7. Kyoto, Japan

8. Palawan, Philippines

9. The Great Wall of China

10. Los Cabos, Mexico

11. Havana, Cuba


12. Interlaken, Switzerland

13. Innsbruck, Austria

14. Cape Town, South Africa

15. Queenstown, New Zealand

16. Zion National Park, USA


17. Bergen, Norway

18. Ios, Greece

19. Barcelona, Spain

20. Nice, France

21. Split, Croatia

22. Capri, Italy


23. Vancouver, Canada

24. Oahu, USA

25. Cuenca, Ecuador

26. Tasmania, Australia

27. Jasper, Canada

28. New Hampshire, USA

Glen Ellis Falls


How many of these destinations have you checked off your bucket-list?

What places did I miss?

Comment below!



    • Definitely! I know some people would expect me to include Yosemite or NYC instead, but I had such a surprisingly incredible time in New Hampshire… I want more people to know about it 🙂

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