My Friend Roy: World Poetry Day

This is my favourite original work of travel poetry.
It’s inspired by the incredible true story of my Scottish friend Roy.
As you read, allow yourself to vicariously experience Roy’s adventures.
Enjoy, and Happy World Poetry Day.


My friend Roy is different, he’s a little bit strange
One day he left home and hopped on a plane.
He doesn’t own much, but what he has is his
He’s got where he’s been with one-way tickets.
He’s been everywhere from Sydney to Rome
He’s experienced the world all on his own.
He’s lived on the streets, in the sky, on my mind
He’s squandered his money, but spent well his time
He’s learned and he’s grown, he’s done and he’s seen
Of all that he’s found, he’s brought back one thing
He’s forgotten views, and cities, and dates
Because it’s the people that make the place.
It’s not where you are, but who you are with
A place to call home is simply a myth.
It’s the breeze, the waves, the pulse of the streets
The friends and family and strangers you meet.
Roy knows not where he goes, but he’s sure why he does
Because home’s not a place, it’s knowing you’re loved.


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