My Top Twelve Most Interesting Eats

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten while travelling?  We all love to giggle and gross each other out over the prospect of taste-testing something unusual.  In most cases—specifically my top five—I was pleasantly surprised by these cultural delicacies.


12. Hot Chocolate, Italy
– When I sat down at a small cafe in Venice, the last thing I expected to receive was a cup of melted chocolate.  It was thick, rich, and unbelievably delicious.

11. Duck, China
– The way they serve dishes in Beijing was very different to my idea of westernized Chinese food at home in Canada.  Eyes, beak, feet – they cook and serve every part.

10. Kangaroo Jerky, Australia
– To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between this stuff and regular beef jerky.

9. Mince Pie & Irn Bru, Scotland
– When I first tried Irn Bru, I hated the sugary, orange drink.  After 3 months in Scotland, this national beverage paired with a savoury pie became my lunchtime special.

8. Balinese Fried Rice, Indonesia
Sticky rice covered in vegetables and topped with a fried egg has never been so simply delicious.


7. Marmite, New Zealand
– The Kiwi brand of Vegemite is just as disgusting as Australia’s.  Those who indulge in this salty breakfast feast spread a thin layer over toast and butter.

6. Black Pudding, Scotland
– Severed with a Scottish Full Breakfast, black pudding is a small, circular patty of fried pigs blood.  In a word: grotesque.

5. Cow Heart, Algeria
– Fried up and hidden in a hearty soup, this dish was surprisingly tasty.  Despite the apparent arteries, I had seconds.

4. Haggis, Scotland
– I tried Haggis without knowing what it was—and I loved it.  Afterwards, I was informed that I had just enjoyed ground-up organs.  But hey, what do you think is in a hot dog?

3. Poutine, Canada
– Although this dish is served all over the country, nothing beats Quebec’s poutine.  Fries covered in gravy and cheese curds: need I say more?

Wurzberg to Eelsingen 067

2. Gluhwein, Germany
– 1/3 Orange juice, 2/3 Hot wine, topped with cinnamon.  There are countless different flavours throughout the German Christmas markets.  Visitors sip this incredible beverage to fend off the cold while parading the stalls.

1. Tim Tam Slams, New Zealand
– My favourite treat I’ve ever tried.  Take a Tim Tam—a small chocolate wafer—and bite off opposing sides.  Proceed to use the cookie as a straw for your hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.  Once the wafer begins to melt, throw your head back and catch the warm chocolate in your mouth, thus completing the “slam”.  Perfection.


What should I try next?


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