3 of my favourite coffee shops in Vancouver, BC

Where would I be without coffee? Probably still in bed. Likely due to the four years I spent serving espresso at Starbucks, I’m addicted to my morning caffeine rush. But hey, if that’s my worst vice, I think I’m doing okay.

Here are three coffee shops I adore in the Lower Mainland.


1) Caffe Cittadella


This gorgeous restored heritage home has been converted into a lovely neighbourhood coffee shop just off Cambie Street and 7th. Two floors, a patio and a small balcony for sunny days leave ample choice of where to sit and sip a latte. An old wooden staircase preserves the feeling of visiting someone else’s living room.


I unfurled this issue of The Globe and Mail with shaking hands at a small table upstairs in August. Yup, that’s my byline, and yes, the coffee was delicious.


2) La forêt


Welcome to a plant-infused renovated-warehouse café near Metrotown in Burnaby. In the warmer months, vibrant vines decorate the exterior. Throughout the year, potted plants and giant ferns create an oasis in the busy, cement-floor interior. Pair a squid ink waffle with a locally roasted blend.


I typically settle in a table around the central concrete planter or steal a spot near the cubed windows beneath dangling industrial bulbs to write. However, there’s only one plug-in for laptop users, so I only stay as long as my battery allows.


3) Far Out Coffee Post


An unpretentious hipster coffee shop in Vancouver? Far Out! Located just off East Hastings, the cozy interior is juxtaposed with pinball machines and vintage clothes for sale. Plants and sunlight imbue an ambiance that begs me to take a book out and read, or even spark a conversation with a stranger.


Honorary Mention: Honey’s Doughnuts


Whenever I make the trek out to Deep Cove, there are two things I always do: hike Quarry Rock and reward myself with a fresh, warm, gooey treat from Honey’s afterwards. There are plenty of amazing bakeries in the city (Purebread, Duffin’s, Cartems, etc), but a doughnut is so much sweeter with a little effort involved. Enjoy!

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