What I learned while lazing on the beach in Mexico

Two weeks ago, I travelled to Puerto Vallarta for an all-inclusive experience at the Grand Park Royal with five girlfriends. Although we all reside in Vancouver, I was the only Canadian in our group. My Australian, English, Filipino and Irish friends and I spent our days lazing on sun loungers beneath bright blue skies and listening to frothing ocean waves.

I read two books, sipped at least six margaritas and fell asleep in the heat twice. I relaxed without thinking much at all. Still, a few realizations crept up along with the tan lines and saltwater tide.

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1. Taking a break is necessary

As someone who works online, my phone is constantly pinging with work-related issues. For the first time ever, I actually turned off all my notifications: Facebook, Instagram, my company messaging platform and email. I kept my phone on hand for photos but disconnected from Wi-Fi. I only opened Messenger when I was ready and wanting to look at a message. I think the lack of distractions helped clear my mind better than meditation.

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2. Indulge in moderation

I’m not really a resort person. Buffets and endless drinks create an atmosphere of excess, which can lead to an upset belly and hangover. To avoid this, I tried to space out my drinks, only eat when I was actually hungry and chug all the bottled water I could find. Although I didn’t keep to my intentions every second, I did manage to make it through the entire five days without overindulging or getting sick. Ever since my year sober, I’ve realized I don’t want to drink and party like I used to—and I feel much healthier.

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3. I love coming home

My own bed. My own bedroom. Water that pours from taps that I can drink! Cuddles with my boyfriend, coffee with my friends and walks with my mama. Sure, I could’ve kept the bartenders that served up endless iced caprinas and cheesy nachos, but I’d rather make fresh food in my own kitchen and pair back on the booze. I still love travelling, but I felt happier coming home—to my relationships, job, apartment, country—than I was leaving. Turns out I don’t need to travel to escape from my “real world,” because it’s awesome, too.

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What have you learned from travelling? Comment below!


One comment

  1. “What have you learned from travelling?”

    Same as you have. As in being at home is great too.
    For years I spent all my money on travel and sacrificed almost all the pleasure out of being at home so I could keep the money for travel. Now I also make sure I give equal attention to being at home.

    I also learned that travel is best done in bite sized pieces of not more than a month at a time. It can be wearing and there is a point when being away stops feeling as new and exciting as it did. Don’t want to ruin the travel by burning myself out with it.

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