Blogger Recognition Award & My Top Two Travel Writing Tips

A couple weeks ago, my good friend April (aka Just Leaving Footprints) nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. She is one of many people following her passions as a blogger. She focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly travel, as her blog name suggests.

I didn’t know exactly what the Blogger Recognition Award was at first, so I took the following info from her post about it:



The Blogger Recognition Award is a way of bloggers acknowledging each others’ hard work and talent. It takes a lot of work to build up a successful blog after all! Plus anyone who writes or blogs is likely an avid reader as well. So I’m going to recommend other blogs that have fantastic information, photographs or travel inspiration for you to follow, too.

What are the Rules of the Blogger Recognition Award?

  1. Once you have been nominated you make a post like this one and thank your nominator with a shout out.
  2. Share a short story about how your blog started.
  3. Share two pieces of advice to bloggers just starting out.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award as well!

How Alison Karlene Adventures got started:


I was just 18 years old when I first travelled solo, and it wasn’t by choice.

While volunteering at an orphanage in Bali, I was dumped by my boyfriend, who I’d flown to AUSTRALIA to travel with. Completely broken-hearted, I hoped on a plane back to Perth. I sulked on the plane ride over the ocean. I cried on the beautiful beach. I wanted to go home.

And then I checked into my hostel and almost instantly met 10 friends from around the world.

So began my true taste of wanderlust, and my first travel blog, which was a hideous thing on blogspot read mostly by my mom. This blog is still probably read mostly by my mom, but now, I write about places I’m paid to go for my job with Canadian travel magazines and destinations that might appear in my first travel memoir (coming soon!)

I don’t make money off my blog and, to be honest, that’s one of my favourite things about it. While I do accept free trips, I’m not trying to impress any sponsors who are shelling out big bucks for advertising, so I’m able to write exactly what I want to say.

My Top Two Travel Writing Tips


While I may not be a paid blogger, I am a paid travel writer. In my opinion, it’s the best job in the world. Whether you want to make money off your blog, become a professional journalist or just be successful in life, I believe these two tips will help you achieve your goals (they’ve helped me achieve mine).

1. Don’t be shy.

If you want something, you have to ask for it. And then, when you get rejected, you have to ask again. And again. Almost every job is about who you know, so network, hard. Just send that email. Call that company. Go for a coffee and exchange cards. Follow up. Don’t stop pitching, calling, asking around and introducing yourself until you get where you want to be.

2. It’s okay to say No.

When I first started accepting press trips and commissioned articles, I said yes to absolutely everything. The first time I declined an article, I was scared I’d completely ruined my chances and I’d never be asked to write another piece again. Obviously, I was wrong. The same goes for Press trips. As fantastic as they are, I need some time (some vacation) that is just for me. Remember, this is still a job. You still need some actual time off.


Drumroll, please!

The following bloggers have impressed me with their subject-matter, passion and dedication:

  1. Golivexplore – I’m sure Alicia Haque has been nominated for this award before because she is killing it as a British blogger now living in Vancouver. Golivexplore is your destination for stylish adventure.
  2. GypsetJenn – Okay, even though Jenn is technically kind of my boss, I’m not biased here. She is an epic adventurer, an avid explorer and always seems to find the best bohemian pieces RTW. Her photography is also AMAZING.
  3. Mike’s Bloggity – I had the pleasure of sharing a brand-spanking new vehicle on a Chevrolet roadtrip with Mike. He’s such an interesting, passionate guy, with awesome opinions you should really tune into.
  4. Steve Daniel – I also met this guy on our Chevrolet roadtrip. If you need any help getting started in this field, look to Steve. He knows how to hustle. (He also knows where the best poutine in Montreal is.)
  5. Bonjour Bliss Blog – Yet another fantastic human I met on the Chevrolet trip! Roxanne West is basically blogger goals. With 160K dedicated followers on Instagram, she knows how to tell a captivating story and make audiences care.
  6. Girl in the World – I first met Kristin through a conference with the media company I now work full-time for, and sometimes, I edit her articles too! She’s a great writer with a keen sense of adventure.
  7. Adventures of Natty P – I met Natalie on a whirl-wind press trip to Cuba. She’s a mommy blogger with spunk and charisma. Follow her for grown-up getaways and family friendly travel.
  8. Eatsleepbreathetravel – I’ve never actually met Hannah in person, but we’re friends on Facebook so I see a lot of her posts and read a lot of her writing. She’s a successful blogger and is even starting her own blog focused on travel in Ireland, called Ireland Stole My Heart.
  9. Toque and Boots – Again, never met in person, but I have chatted with these folks on Insta. Andrew & Vanessa are a Canadian Couple who have a passion for the outdoors and the world. They travel to experience everything we can while making stories along the way.
  10. Travelling Canucks – Gotta give a shout out to more Canadian bloggers! This couple resides in Vancouver and blogs about family travel and life in Van.
  11. The Planet D – This one is run by Dave and Deb, an adventure couple who live by the motto “Adventure is for Everyone.”
  12. Girl on the Go – Sherri is a travel enthusiast that enjoys the simple things like beaches, sunshine, and good books. She is an international marketing strategist, social media coach, travel agent certified, and just completed a Master of Arts in Social Media.
  13. Be My Travel Muse – Kristin is an award-winning expert on adventurous and solo female travel. She’s travelled the world, mostly alone, and is here to help you do the same.
  14. The Barefoot Nomad – Charles & Micki first left home on a year long trip back in 2003, and have been hooked on travel ever since. Today, they share the joy of travel with their two little adventurers.
  15. That Girl Adventures – Amber is a 22-year-old yacht worker that claims “home is where the backpack is.”


Who is your favourite blogger? Share a link to their blog below!


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