Visiting the Last Province in Canada

It’s official—I’ve travelled to every province in Canada!

While I still have to visit two of the territories (Nunavut and the Yukon), I crossed Manitoba off my list last weekend. I thought I might visit Churchill one day to see polar bears or kayak with beluga whales, but I ended up in Winnipeg during a -30 C cold snap that had radio hosts warning of frostbite and the weather network issuing an “extreme cold warning.” Lovely.

Despite this (and spending most of my time inside for meetings), I managed to explore a bit of the city centre and come away with a pleasant impression of the city.

Here’s what I did in Winterpeg, Manitoba:

1. Ice Bike the Nestaweya River Trail

Winnipeg sits at the confluence of two rivers. The Assiniboine and Red Rivers freeze in the winter, creating an incredible skating trail that is polished with a Zamboni and tested for integrity daily. I can’t skate, so I went ice biking. For more about this adventure, check out my article for explore magazine.

2. The Forks/The Commons

Rather than “chill” outside in the blistering cold, I found shelter inside The Forks Market. Originally built as a horse stable and hayloft for the railway, the old brick building reminded me of Granville Island’s Public Market, with cool local shops and fragrant food stalls. The Commons is a central, cafeteria-style area with a bar pouring craft beer and wine.

3. Nonsuch Micro-Brewery

This cool, vibey, aesthetic brewery was a great choice for dinner. We stumbled upon it by chance. Inside the brick building, black marble tables, emerald-green velvet couches and monochrome fringe hanging from the ceilings create a hip, classy atmosphere. I highly recommend Le Burger and the Foxtrot IPA.

4. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The impressively large Human Rights Museum is a tad depressing but extremely important and informative. Inside this uniquely shaped building, you will find exhibits detailing human rights violations, groups fighting for equality, genocides, the legal protection of rights and more. Eight floors of cascading ramps lead to a tower with sweeping views. I went on a Friday night—admission is free after 5 p.m.

5. Harrisons Coffee Co.

On my last day in Winnipeg, I needed a pick-me-up before a final meeting. At this specialty coffee roasting house, I indulged in a half-sweet Caramello and a slice of banana bread drizzled in chocolate. It’s a cute location with paintings, plants and industrial lighting.

That’s what I experienced during my short stay in Winnipeg! If I ever make it back, I hope to score tickets to a Jets game and maybe not freeze my eyelashes and hair into icicles.

Have you been to Winnipeg, Manitoba? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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