Kelowna, BC


I’ve been living in Kelowna for two months now.  Everyday, I wake up, go outside, and am stunned anew by this small city’s natural beauty.  My house is planted on the lips of Okanagan Lake, the residence of the infamous sea monster, the Ogopogo.  Beyond the lake linger several hills I’ve had the joy of exploring these past few months.


P1090723Knox Mountain is an easy two hour hike that takes visitors to a viewing platform overlooking the city from the south.  Past the peak, I hiked down to Paul’s Tomb and tested my toes in the cool, sheltered pool of a small, deserted pebble beach.


IMG_1656The Suspension Bridges that overhang Kelowna Mountain are glorious contraptions.  Strung over canyons, the swinging bridges lead between immaculate event buildings.  The location is still under construction, but in good weather visitors can trek across to large Greek pillars for a fantastic view from the South.  Easy access, an incredible waterfall, and stunning views make this day trip less of a hike and more of an adventure.  You can see more of my hiking photos here.


By the time I got to Bear Creek in late October, black bear sightings 00000000000000000001bearswere becoming regular—even frequent.  I made a bear banger (or should I say a beer banger) out of an empty can and some pebbles—but once an encounter with a female and her cub became imminent, it was obvious my homemade contraption wouldn’t suffice.  Rather than risking our lives and walking straight into the bears’ vicinity, my friend and I chose to turn around and venture onto the ridge for a little exploring of our own.  Unfortunately, a splinter in my ankle forced me to hike half-bare foot.  Still, the awe-inspiring fauna was worth the trek!

0000000000000000000000000000feet 00000000000000000000001 mush

Okanagan College is currently basking in a radiant glow of red and orange leaves.  Soon, the stunning array of fall shades will be erased and blanketed in a soft colour of snow.  With the changing of the seasons, more opportunity for adventure unfolds.  Who knows where I’ll end up next…


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