My One-Way Road Trip Packing List

Although I will always be a backpacker at heart, my recent snowboarding injury has forced me to upgrade my personal luggage allowance from a hiking pack to a duffel with wheels to the entire backseat and trunk of my car.  I love road trips, but this time, I’m making it a one-way.


Transitioning from a traveller to a student hasn’t been easy.  I stayed true to my nomadic roots in the obscure objects that I piled into my VW Jetta.  Here is a condensed list of the necessary items I brought from home:

  1. Camping gear—because I still love a good adventure1240577_10201279147433924_255951408_n
  2. My guitar—because music makes me feel at home anywhere I go
  3. Magic Bullet—because I live off of smoothies
  4. My manatee teddy bear—because it’s the perfect size to cuddle
  5. The first draft of my novel—because it’s time to edit
  6. Five swimsuits—because my house has a hot tub & pool (SCORE)
  7. Two sweet smelling candles—to make my room smell more welcoming
  8. My old dream catcher—to keep nightmares at bay
  9. A new gel memory foam pad—because my back needs a good bed
  10. Portable, wireless speakers—because, like it or not roomies, I am a country girl.

Unfortunately, I also forgot a few items that (unknown to me) are not included in my rent: sheets, pillows, and a comforter.  I also misplaced my black trench coat but somehow remembered my unnecessary, massive winter jacket.  This is unfortunate because winter in Northern AB is a liiiiitttle different than winter in Southern BC.

The nice part about moving to a summer vacay city with an off-season population of 100,000 people is that is has more than enough modern vicinities in which I am able to purchase any amenities I might need or may have forgotten.  Hopefully I won’t have to buy too much, because BC has a hefty extra tax.  I plan to stay gluten-free and indulge in fresh BC fruit.  This is a hippy city, so I figure I can get away with thrift-shop clothing and second-hand room decor.  I’m excited to finally have a place of my own—an entire bedroom—to settle into and permanently unpack.

For now, anyways.


Although this is a foreign transition for me, it is strange, new, and exciting.  Wish me luck on my one-way road trip, and as always, happy travels!

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