My First Offical Vlog

Sometimes I get so caught up in my future plans and other travellers’ adventures that I forget the extensive amounts I have already done, seen, felt, heard, and experienced.  Stumbling onto these few videos of my travels around the world reminded me how blessed I am to have the freedom, motivation, and time to travel.  The videos reach back all the way to when I was 18—and to be honest, you tell can how young I am.  It’s easy to see how I progress, grow, and change throughout my travels.  Some videos are short, some are long, but all contain incredible, irreplaceable footage that I know will entice and inspire you.  Each week I will realise a new video on a new country that I have already explored.  There are nine videos, nine chapters, nine takes to my 21 years of travel.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.

From one travelers eyes to another; indulge in my perspective!

This is how I’ve seen the world.

Take One: New Zealand

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