Coming Home

The end of a journey is always bittersweet.  Travellers often feel a mix of excitement to see old friends and family, and reluctance to return to daily life.

For the first time ever, when I boarded my plane last week, I was ready to come home.

21260_10200982367978185_353267590_nAfter a combined 8 months abroad exploring the UK, I have had countless adventures, met incredible people, and seen some beautiful places.  I fell in love with Edinburgh, worked way up in Wick, and stayed on a sheep farm in West Sussex.  I wrote for two British newspapers (and dated two British boys 😉 ).  My home video gives a hilarious overview of my month and a half abroad:

My personal health is another reason for my return.  Backpacking is demanding—without a broken back.  The freedom of my vehicle grants me the independence I cannot claim while travelling.

When I was forced to return home last January, it was the LAST thing I wanted.  Even after surgery and two weeks in the horrific French hospital, I wanted to go back to work on Alp d’Huez.  I loved it there.

I think I needed to leave Canada, if only to come home again.

Because this time, it was my choice.


I feel as though I have adequately experienced the UK.  Although this journey is ending, a new one is just beginning.  I’m moving to Kelowna to study Writing and Publishing.

Before you stop reading and complain that this is no longer a travel blog, let me explain the difference between settling down and settling in.

I’m moving to Kelowna next month.  I won’t be settling down—buying a house, starting my career, halting my traveling days—but I will be settling in: going to uni, staying in a hostel, and maybe even trying to snowboard again at the neighbourhood ski hill, Big White.

I’ve gotten so used to running away; it’ll be a challenge for me to settle in.  I’ll spend my weekends and time off exploring British Columbia and deepening my love for Western Canada.

I’ll still be blogging, tweeting, posting as I explore.  So keep following me, and enjoy the ride 🙂

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