Six Secrets About Stunning Switzerland

The most multilingual and unbiased country in the world is home to amazing food, endless outdoor activities, and unbeatable landscapes.  In order to take full advantage of this nation, there are six secrets you need to know about.

1. Drinking Water – The best bottled water in the world comes from Swiss Glaciers.  From the Evian source to countless outdoor taps around town, Alp water is the clearest and coolest in the world.

takeonr 017

2. Hiking – Switzerland is the perfect setting for incredible hikes.  They vary from leisurely to expert.  Don’t bother planning a route before you arrive because all of the trails are marked with colour-coded signs.  Mountain climbing will grant you some of the most astounding valley views in the world.

Take onee 013

3. The Matterhorn – Ever notice that funny triangular-shaped mountain on the golden Toblerone box?  The chocolate bar originated in Bern,home of the iconic Matterhorn Mountain.  It is easily viewed from the surrounding ski slopes.

geneve 004

4. Chocolate – Local Swiss chocolate is internationally renowned for being the best in the world.  There are funny names boasting unique tastes and questionable ingredients in every grocery store.  My personal favourite is featured above: Kagi-fret.  These fluffy wafers were so light I could gobble down an entire box without the slightest stomach ache.


5. Paragliding – Throughout the summer months thousands of small sails fill the sky.  The mountains are a perfect launching ground for paragliders.  A single trip can cost anywhere from 75 francs to 200 and lasts approximately 45 seconds in warm wind and 30 seconds in winter.


6. Canyoning – This extreme sport involves sliding down waterfalls, jumping off cliffs, and zip-lining across rivers.  It’s best to explore this playground with a trusted company and tour guide that will ensure all safety precautions are taken while maximizing your adrenalin rush.  My full day excursion cost 120 francs and was worth every penny.

From Interlaken to Zurich to Geneve, I love Switzerland.  If you’ve already been, please share your experiences.  If you’re planning on going, please ask questions.
Happy travels!


  1. Nice post! I’ve been to Switzerland, but only Geneva. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too impressed. Wish I did more research before I went and knew what to do/see there. I’d love to see other parts of the country though.

    • Unfortunately I stayed in a rather unfriendly hostel in Geneva, which dampedy overall view as well. However I had a wonderful time and made heaps of friends when I spent an afternoon cooling off and swimming in the lake! There’s also an abundance of local flea markets that appear in the courtyards on weekends.
      If you’re planning on heading back to Switzerland, I’d highly recommend staying at Balmers Tent Village in Interlaken. It was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been!

  2. i like ur writing alison, it’s very nice to have traveler spirit, youthful and energetic..i’ve done vote for ya..please kindly visit my blog,

  3. Alison? Could you share the best places to stay in bern? I am flying into Zurich and would like to know how to navigate best.

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