Your girl is a YouTube STAR

My job is a bit confusing. To say I wear many hats would be an understatement. I also wear several jackets (that I’m testing for gear reviews) and hold a couple of cameras (to document my adventures). You might’ve read my words on, watched my Instagram stories or even heard my voice on a Facebook ad.

I’m also on YouTube.

While I wouldn’t call myself a vlogger and I certainly haven’t gone viral, I have a blast making these adventure videos for Explore. Yes, sometimes I have to work on a Saturday, and often I have to coax my friends and boyfriend into holding my phone as I yell “HEY EXPLORERS!” But when “the office” includes the summit of mountains and “daily duties” translates to doing something active outside, I really can’t complain.

So, if you have any inclination towards outdoor adventure (or you just want to giggle at my overly excited intros), I implore you to click that red “subscribe” button on Explore’s YouTube channel.

I do have my own YouTube channel, but it’s long been neglected. Instead, I focus the majority of my creative skills on writing articles and creating content that, you know, actually pays the bills.

Watch these videos and let them take you on a journey. I hope you have half as much fun viewing as I did trekking and creating. Enjoy!

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