Vienna, Austria

A cheap bus took me from Bratislava back to Vienna for a weekend full of grey, spitting, relentless rain. Luckily for me, I had three good friends to help me through the haze.


I love travelling alone, but it can get awfully lonely. I stay with friends and family whenever possible. It’s a great chance to catch up, be shown around by a local, and save some money on accommodation.  My friend Anna opened her doors to me and proceeded to show me the most architecturally beautiful city I have ever seen.


Every building, from the univerity to the multitude of museums and art galleries, is decorated in laborious detail, with fantastic sculptures and Romanesc monuments. All around the outer ring of the City Center and stretching through the winding cobblestone streets inside, I was floored by the multitude of beautiful buildings we passed.



We found a thumping music festival that contrasted against the backdrop of anciet works of art. My friends and I escaped the drizzle in the famous Cafe Mozart, where we warmed up with rich hot chocolate and typical Viennese pastries.


Vienna’s castles were the highlight of my stay. Even against the agitated silver sky, the views from the gardens were breathtaking. There is an admission fee to go inside, but exploring the vast and lovely grounds is free.  I would suggest taking an afternoon to explore both.


Sadly, Vienna’s main market was closed due to the poor weather. Instead of our intended outdoor brunch, we took refuge in a cafe, where we enjoyed Goulash soup and Weinerschnitzel – two dishes I now crave regularly!


I plan to return to Vienna in the winter, when the streets are bright with golden Christmas markets and brimming with opera shows and entertainment. However, I know I can’t relive my initial experience – as Austrians say, only Gouslash is good reheated.

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