Three Days in Frankfurt

Lush, rolling green hills, sprawling farmland and toppling vineyards—this is Germany?


My weeks spent exploring Germany’s winter white Christmas markets did not prepare me for the acres of nature that surround the small towns in Southern Germany.  I spent three days in Frankfurt and its surroundings and fell in love with the country all over again.

A small uphill trek to the view point in Lorsch greets travellers with an unrelenting view of the lush landscape, and if you’re lucky, a beer, Tuesday through Saturday.  From this vantage point one can see all the way to Hieldburg, another small town hailed for its romantic allure.


Skip the castle’s admission fee and soak in the million-dollar view from the gardens.  When your eyes are done feasting, satisfy your stomach with Flammkuchen and Radler at one of many cafes in Hieldburg’s small town square, situated right outside on the cobblestone.


Despite many claims of Frankfurt’s ugliness, I enjoyed walking through the industrially confused city next to the river in bipolar weather.  Though the Old Town is both beautiful and historic, the cluttering construction doesn’t do much for the skyscraper-covered city skyline.


Europe always continues to surprise me with its many angles.  As with all travel, the view always depends on your perspective.

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