Every City is a Work of Art

Countless cities around the world are praised for their collection of masterpieces: think of the Louvre in Paris, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, and the graffiti that covers New York City.  What few tourists realize, is that every city itself is a work of art.


Whether you are entranced by cluttered cobblestone streets, spicy Indian dishes, looming redwood trees, deep sea wildlife, moist rain forests, or wide open prairies, the word is a canvas blessed by both nature and man’s designs.  The ability to see the world as an art exhibit will completely change the way you travel.


Every country, state, region, city, and neighbourhood has its own distinctive style. Cities have voices that communicate what the local citizen’s value.  High-rise business buildings, preserved heritage sites, Gothic cathedrals, winding alleyways, snow-capped mountain peaks … Everything around you speaks.  Everything is art.


Keep your eyes open when you explore – look for what’s not obvious, and you will be amazed at the intricate artwork all around you.


Just as every person experiences and interperts a work of art uniquely, a city’s perceived image is relative to each person. On a sunny day, Paris’ outdoor cafe culture is as electric as Leonid Afremov’a oil creations – but when it rains, the damp grey streets transform into John Constable’s stormy skies.


Cities are diverse, vibrant, pulsing, works of art – which makes them even more inciting to absorb than shows in stuffy old galleries. Get outside into the snow, rain, sun, and explore the art it creates. Colour on the canvas.


The best part? The World Gallery‘s admission is free and it’s always open!
Beauty is out there – it’s up to you to see it.

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