The Signs of a Seasoned Traveller

There are certain signs (and smells) that pertain to travellers universally.  While some groups and individuals choose to stay in high rise hotels and luxurious resorts, backpackers choose a vacation without frills in order to connect with local culture and other travellers from all corners of the globe.  If you nod, laugh, or blush while reading any of the following points, you might be a backpacker.



You rate airports based on availability of comfortable sleeping spots
When you see McDonalds, your first thought is “free wifi”
Beer pong is replaced by goon pong
Ice cubes are a delicacy
The hemp bracelets on your wrists are starting to smell
Tan lines become tattoos
You never eat out anywhere that doesn’t offer free wifi
Laundry detergent becomes a luxury
Bus trips over $10 are way too expensive
Sleeper trains double as hostels
You say “budget” more often than “paycheck”
You feel naked without your backpack

You know you’re a backpacker when you start to call the hostel “home”

edinburgh 061

You know you’re a backpacker when…

Your ringtone is the Skype tone
Your Facebook wall is covered with foreign languages
A $10 meal is a splurge
On official forms, your permanent address and occupation is N/A
 Perfume, make-up, and clean clothes are a luxury
A ‘gourmet meal’ is anything that’s cooked and still hot
Your quick-dry towel is small, smelly, and sandy
EarthPorn and TravelPorn override your social media
Sinks double as washing machienes
You’re not entirely sure which country you were in last week
You start to distinguish accents by town or region
Kiwis are not Aussies, Canadians are not American, and Scots are never British
A loaf of white bread is acceptable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You know you’re a backpacker when your nationality becomes your name.


You know you’re a backpacker when…

You greet people with “Where are you from?” rather than “What is your name?”
A twelve-hour travel day is worth the $ saved
Australia is no longer far away
There’s always a spork, flask, and camera in your bag
You strip unashamed in front of strangers in your dorm room
You know toilet paper makes adequate shower-shoes
Couchsurfing becomes a common word in your vocab
Hitchhiking goes from being “dangerous” to “convenient”
You can say “hello,” “how are you,” and “cheers” in over 10 different languages
A hostel without free breakfast, included linens, and a full kitchen is not a real hostel
If you have to convert the currency, you can’t afford it
You know your flight with EasyJet, RyanAir and Tiger will always be delayed or canceled
Anything with the word “free” or “win” in it: you’re there

You know you’re a backpacker when you start dreaming of your next trip while you’re still on the road…



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