Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico

Palm trees, beige beach, tan lines, boat ride.  A quick collage of my week abroad!


  1. […] Cabos lingers on the bottom lip of the Baja Peninsula.  World-renowned for its stunning beaches, mild climate, and liquor-pumped parties, my mom and I found ourselves staying in a converted home out in the Boonies.  While it was indeed beautiful, it was painfully boring.  I stayed inside nearly the whole week, thanks to the torturous suntan I stupidly picked up on the first day – my own fault, I thought I was stronger than sunscreen.  While there’s nothing outwardly wrong with the Baja, I found it lacking in Mexican culture and flavour when compared to other spots in Mexico.  For more on my experience in Los Cabos, click here. […]

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