My Travel Playlist

The various modes of transportations (buses, planes, trains, hiking, etc) most travellers endure on a daily basis offer more than enough time to plug in to some stellar songs.  I tried to make a list of my top ten, but ended up with my twelve favourite traveling tunes.  These songs are always on repeat while I’m on the move.  The fitting lyrics and rolling melodies have accompanied me around the world. Enjoy!

1. Hello, I’m in Delaware – City and Colour
2. Sofa – Ed Sheeran
3. Ghosts – Laura Marling
4. Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone
5. Go – Avalanche City
6. Boston – Augustana
7. Atlantic – The Midway State
8. Headphones – I’m from Barcelona
9. Girl Named Tennessee – Needtobreathe
10. Farther Along – Josh Garrels
11. She’s Got Something – Greg Holden
12. After Today – Sanctus Real

Of course, there are many other incredible songs that can form the background music of your travels. This playlist is geared towards my personal taste in Indie Acoustic music.
If these songs are new to you, just clink on the title to listen on YouTube. If you love them, let me know! If you hate them, tell me what you listen to while you travel?

Music is a consistant comfort as you travel.  Even when your entire surroundings are unfamiliar, unpredictable, and lonely, your music stays the same. Country connects me to home; Punk Rock reminds me of my friends. Whatever you listen to while you travel,

Keep it playing.


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