Welcome to my Backpacker Blog!  

Whether you’re a newbie vacationer, a cruise conoscere, a nomadic know-it-all, or a grungy backpacker (like me!) my collection of travel writing will take you on the journey of a lifetime.


For me, travel is about spontaneity.  There is something incredibly freeing about being able to carry everything you own on your back.

I love leaving my comfort zone to experience, grow, learn, change, and develop relationships with other people, cultures, and places along the way.  I volunteer my time, work abroad, and get involved.  I don’t simply travel to see the world, but to be a part of it.

Take onee 018

I will take you on a vicarious journey through various forms of travel writing: music, poetry, true stories, top tens, advice, photography, and videos. From Europe to Australia to home-roots of Canada, I’ve got your destination covered.

Are you ready to explore?

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my Backpacker Blog!  

  1. Cool beans!

    It was nice meeting you on the plane yesterday. :)

    After reading your WWOOFing article I think I figured out why Australia was your favorite. :)


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